Start Adult chat reqwest

Adult chat reqwest

You may block or remove offensive users from your pal list.

Adult content and the family filter The 'family filter' prevents the listing of A (adults only) rated chat rooms, which may contain content that is unsuitable for users under the age of 18, or those who are easily offended by foul language or nudity.

The family filter and ratings do NOT apply to IM or individual messages as they are considered to be private communication.

So my goal was to restore Chatro AND not have to take out a small mortgage sized loan in order to do it (cost of new/used equipment, moving equipment, new software, new datacenter, new service plan, etc).

The thing about all of this is, to make Chatro work, it has to be done both efficiently technologically as well as economically.

G rated rooms have no foul language or nudity R rated rooms may contain foul language but no nudity A rated rooms may contain foul language and nudity You can also prevent your children from viewing A rated chat rooms by using the 'parental controls' feature, which can be found in your setup / preferences area.

You can turn the 'family filter' on and off from the 'chat room list window'.

To crush your rumors and snide comments, Chatro is NOT this large pot of gold that keeps raking it in hand over fist.

There is a reason why the previous owner moved to another country and a great deal of the old folk know full well it was to avoid US taxation.

To give you all a clue as to the way things used to be, Chatro sat in a cushy datacenter somewhere in Cali on an old service plan that was a steal, I mean dirt cheap compared to today's standards.

When the datacenter closed, I had two choices, move all existing equipment to another datacenter of the host AND sign up for a new service plan OR move the existing equipment and start over somewhere else, including finding a service plan for it.

Running a business in the US is costly just to maintain from a federal standpoint, not to mention from the standpoint of business expenses. You all have been so very patient and concerned and willing to help and willing to support your web home for years and I thank you all for that.