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Incredible images showing how otherwise identical mobile homes in Palm Springs, California have been customized and remodeled into unrecognizable dwellings have been unveiled in a new book.

Naegle, a 36-year-old nurse, texted her husband Derek Harryman around 2.45 am to let him know she was grabbing food and then coming home.

Two days passed without Harryman hearing a word from his wife.

Police are believed to have found his blood in the truck's cab and now assume that the suspect may be badly injured.

Squads of officers have been to every hospital in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

Police today revealed they are hunting Anis Amri, 21, a refugee who came to Germany earlier this year. He is probably armed, 'highly dangerous' and a member of a 'large' Islamic organisation and has weapons training abroad, security sources say.

Despite an unfolding international manhunt the first pictures of him released in Germany have his eyes deliberately covered or blurred, thought to be because of strict privacy laws there.

Detectives are reportedly combing through CCTV footage in search of a lead after they released their only suspect from custody last night, saying there was not enough evidence to tie him to the atrocity.