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Antidating andrea brunetti

Renovating is great and Umbria is a splendid place.

Even though we ourselves were present the entire day, the supervision by Andrea is essential to allow a virtually flawless project.

He is accurate, resourceful and quick when solutions must be invented, able as an architect and he has an eye for the details that ultimately makes the difference between a typical house and a fantastic house.

We advise anyone with a construction project (certainly all foreigners) to have your construction supervision carried out by Andrea Brunetti – youy will very easily earn back the costs!

” Margo & Antonino Holland Margo & Antonio Holland “Back in 2011 we bought out little 2 house farm in the middle of Umbria, near Todi.

After a thorough selection process we ended up contracting Andrea for our multi-year renovation plan, split in 3 different projects; 1. updating and re-arranging our garden/oliveto (including swimming pool), and; 3. We finished the 1st project well within the agreed timelines and according to our standards.

During the project we changed our minds on smaller and bigger things.

A very small 2 story (ware)house and a slightly bigger 2 story typical Umbrian style farm, below barns and upstairs a living area.

The previous owners passed away at the age of 92 and 99; the place was outdated and the little house was fairly deconstructed.

When choosing for our group you can rest assured that we offer design and building from the initial sketches to the final construction.

Every project starts with a site inspection of the construction plot and, if present, the object to renovate.

The process then continues at the drawing table with a coffee and Andrea as well as one or more colleagues to discuss the general outline of the job at hand.