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Bear republic freshness dating

Perfume La Nuit de l`Homme is available in three sizes of bottle - 40ml edt, 60ml edt and100ml edt, along with perfumed deo spray in a collection. Anyways, this is just simply the best smelling cologne out there.

It doesn't have that thick syrupy note that most "blacks" or "nights" have. I still like this and do not think this is another generic perfume.

If there were a top 5 of all time, this would absolutely be in it. I have recently bought a 200 ml bottle, 62MD00 December 2015 batch.

I repeat, performance is very good on the bottle I sprayed my hand today. The opening of DHI can be to some a little too feminine but after it dries down you are gonna get this beautiful, alluring and sophisticated coco/chocolate/lavender scent that combined with the cardamom and lavender of the opening of La Nuit, makes for an incredible delicious scent.

But the best part comes when both La Nuit and DHI dry downs combine together OMG!!!!!!

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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l`Homme is a new masculine representative of the house of YSL and it appeared on the market in March 2009.

I bought a 2016 bottle from fragrancex as a back up for my original formulation, it smells very close to the original and the performance is great on my skin! Could some one tell me if those batch code of the YSL la nuit de l'homme are a "must have" - 62H303 -- 2011-03 (Opened but still new -99%) - 62L604 -- 2014-06 (New) Are they with the vintage juice ? Maybe it just really jives with his chemistry but he is constantly having women tell him how great he smells.