Start Carbon dating shroud of turin 2016

Carbon dating shroud of turin 2016

A geoscientist named Renée Enevold said he used the wrong method to analyze the plant DNA, one which applies to pollen found in lakes; the conditions that caused the pollen to land there are known.

But it does hint that the artifact may have traveled all over the world, loosely confirming its biblical origin story.

The oldest DNA found on the Shroud of Turin is from India, leading researchers to conclude that the twill cloth was woven there before ending up in Europe.

Study author and geneticist Gianna Barcaccia from the University of Padua said his results show that the Shroud of Turin was touched by people visiting Europe when it was in France and Turin, or when the cloth visited them in Europe, northeast Africa, Caucasus, Anatolia, Middle East, and India. In my opinion, it is hard to believe that in the past centuries …

Part of the metal storage case melted and fell on the cloth, leaving burns, and efforts to extinguish the fire left water stains. In 1534, nuns sewed patches over the fire-damaged areas and attached a full-size support cloth to the back of the Shroud. The Shroud was moved to Turin in 1578, where it remains to this day.