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Chat cruising sex

If it is your first time in Istanbul, it is recommended to make a discovery tour to find the locations of gay bars and clubs in day time.

Hetero-flexible/bisexual guys are supposedly top (aktif = active is the common word in local culture) and do not have sex with each other.

There are few clubs/bars like that but their hustlers are always around who are said to be taking commissions from them.

Simply stay away from people in these neighborhoods who are too friendly all of a sudden, no matter what their stories are.

If you can afford, we highly recommend you to hire a private guide from BHN Mavi Tours Another less significant risk is; some taxi drivers may over-ride tourists to charge them more.

Although rarely it is also heard that some drivers may also switch the big banknotes with smaller ones, and blames you for giving the smaller note.

Do not go with local people (especially with bisexual men) to their places, and prefer public venues such as hamams or saunas instead, if your hotel is not suitable.

Naturally, you also need to be careful a little if you date someone via internet or gay dating applications, just like anywhere else in the world Avoid some tourist-hustlers who usually hang around Taksim and sometimes around Sultanahmet districts.

Turkish Gay Culture Turkey has got a traditional bisexual or hetero-flexible culture taking its root from the history.