Start Coca cola and bottles and dating

Coca cola and bottles and dating

Looking a bit like a gaping, one-eyed version of Freddo the frog that's sucking on the wrong end of the bottle, the design team behind it has done a sublime job.

The revolutionary technology inside can detect a telling bottle tilt, automatically prompting the camera to click into action when the Selfie Bottle’s held at a 70-degree angle.

Images are then uploaded to your Snapchat account, as well as Coca-Cola’s Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account, so you'll never have to take a sip from a bottle of Coca-Cola without notifying thousands of people ever again.

They were manufactured from the mid 1890s to the early 20th century.

These bottles are very hard to find since they are the first bottles used by Coke.

Collectors today can find an enormous selection of Coca-cola memorabilia and collectibles, Coca-Cola collectors divide themselves up into smaller groups of collectors.

There are those who specialize in bottles, cans, clocks, signs, toys, trays, and many other groups.

Town Name bottles are those that were made in the 1960s.