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He began bottling Coca-Cola to sell, using a common glass bottle called a Hutchinson. Biedenharn sent a case to Asa Griggs Candler, who owned the Company. Candler thanked him but took no action.

That date was later incorporated into the lettering on the final design of the bottle. It is interesting to note that the patent submission was made without the signature embossed Coca-Cola script lettering.

Old Coca Cola bottles have become regular collectors' items, and we're not just talking about bottles that are a couple of decades old. The bottles featured here are all over one hundred years old and date back from before 1900.

The contoured Coca‑Cola bottle was trademarked in 1977. Over the years, the Coca‑Cola bottle has been inspiration for artists across the globe — a sampling of which can be viewed at World of Coca‑Cola in Atlanta.

The very first Coke bottles were Hutchinson style bottles - these are extremely rare and date before 1900. Examples of all 3 hutches can be found on the Antique Coca-Cola Bottle Hall of Fame page.

Topics of discussion have ranged from the obvious (the development of hobble-skirt Coke bottles) to technical details (like discovering the system of date codes used by the Graham Glass Co.). Eventually, the questions concerning the development of the Coca-Cola bottle began to accumulate.

А вот композиция Rum and Coca-Cola известна далеко не всем меломанам, хотя в сороковые годы двадцатого века она была крупным хитом в США и некоторых других странах.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. The Company makes, sells and distributes Coca-Cola products along with other unique beverages...

Drinkin' rum and Coca-Cola Go down Point Koomahnah Both mother and daughter Workin' for the Yankee dollar. Ром и кока-кола. Если вы когда-нибудь приедете на Тринидад, Они принесут вам много радости.

"middle-script" bottles have the logo are dated, and this is especially true of timers," and almost no contemporary. Nevertheless, there is strong evidence that the Root Glass Co. did not produce Coca-Cola bottles until about 1905.

Coca-Cola ♥ Coke. 2.32k Pins2.78k Followers. Designed to simulate a classic Coca-Cola bottle cap, it is made with the same materials as an authentic cap including its scalloped edges.

Posts about Dating Coca Cola bottles written by Erika Franz. The Dating Game: Tracking the Hobble-skirt Coca Cola Bottle (.pdf). Antique Coke Bottle - This site also shares related links, though some are dead.

Coca-Cola — С Новым Годом, Coca-Cola. Корнелия Манго & Марк Тишман — Coca-Cola 2012 (Праздник к нам приходит).

Bottle Bank com. Welcome to, this Internet site is dedicated to all Coca-Cola lovers and collectors. Simon Buckingham has been collecting all kinds of Coca-Cola cans, bottles and all other trademarked items since 1987.

now in bottles. Coca-Cola bottling begins when the first bottling contract is signed in 1899. "Hutchinson" style bottles are used for the product.
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