Start Craigslist dating websites scams

Craigslist dating websites scams

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It also takes over your Internet browser, changing the home page to one full of ads and a search box that, when you do a search, takes you to yet another stack of ads.

In fact, it does seem to be just adware, but, theoretically, could be used for any malicious purpose, including information theft.

Also, never send money wires (e.g., Money Gram or Western Union) either to pay for something you bought or to reimburse a supposed overpayment.

Be especially cautious of anyone who claims to be overseas or otherwise unable to meet you, or who offers to pay for something sight unseen.

In the latest scam, a friend who was moving and selling lots of his stuff on Craigslist got this message in reply to one of his ads: (Begin message extract — wording exactly as he received it) (end of extract) The message then provided a link and promised that if the item was the same as in the video, the sender would buy it.

But when you follow the link, which, happily, our savvy friend did not, you arrive at a site which then invites you to download a viewer-type program so you can supposedly watch the video. The download is really a piece of malware that, according to Internet security specialists Prevx, hijacks the PC and sends information back to the scammer.

If you’re already a victim, you’ll know the name of the host site, so key that in, followed by “/movies/uninstall.html” (without the quotes). Another recently witnessed sneaky trick involves a would-be buyer visiting a website where they’re asked to leave their phone number for a later call back.