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This is most helpful in any serious study of marks. This recent work on Zanesville (Ohio) glass manufacturers is monumental in scope.

The authors chose to present the information alphabetically by company instead of by mark.

Although this makes it more difficult to locate a specific mark, the company information is condensed into a single section.

For several years, I encouraged Lee Fratt, one of the authors, to publish the work, but I have lost touch with her in recent years.

I postponed citing the study in hopes of its publication, but it is time the work became more publicly known. The first of these, 60 pages in length, dealt with the history, variations, and manufacturing techniques pertinent to beer bottles.

Most can also be acquired via the internet based used book sites like ABE, e Bay, Amazon, and others, though they may now sell for much more than original cover price.

For a listing of additional possible references, a relatively recent book entitled Antique Glass Bottles: Their History and Evolution 1500-1850 (Van den Bossche 2001) includes the most comprehensive worldwide bibliography of books and articles on bottles and related subjects that is to be found, having over 1100 citations.

This section was well presented and is a must-read for anyone researching beer bottles.