Start Dating for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

Dating for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

Our Mission is to “determine and resolve the issues facing people with chronic fatigue.” As this program develops, we will be inviting experts from various fields, doctors, researchers and passionate advocates to join us on the panel. I'm finding that I give myself a really hard time if I can't do things which I of course wouldn't do if I had visible symptoms.

I wish I could say this rarely happens, but that’s not the case.

Earlier this year,s I feel worse after doing 7 min of walking, but don't know if that's in combination with some of the holiday stuff I've done.

This We Heal Focus group is for everyone touched by chronic fatigue in any way.

Every story and every person’s perspective is important and will add to the benefit of all the participants!

These people are not receiving appropriate treatments or healthcare advice.

If you feel tired often, how would you know if you have this disease?

CFS can develop in patients at any age, though it is most common in the 40s and 50s, and affects women about four times more often than men.