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Dating > Dating quaternary sediments. Click on link to view Based on the U-series ages obtained by using component-dating method, a 144-ka time sequence was established corresponding to the upper 25-m interval of the B 194 core, which is in agreement with palaeomagnetic dating results.

Optical dating is a rapidly developing technique, used primarily in the dating of sediments deposited in the last 500,000 or more years. As such increasing numbers of Quaternary geologists, physical geographers, archaeologists, and anthropologists are now relying on the results produced.

Dating Quaternary sediments from different depositional environments using single grains and small aliquots. The article thus far is a summary of the methods in-volved in undertaking single-grain OSL measurements...

Several sections have been studied to understand the distribution and interrelation of basic genetic types of Quaternary deposits in the Uimon basin and adjacent area. The OSL dates in the range of 77 to 89 ka from alluvial sediments indicate that postglacial downcutting of the present-day Katun'...

UsersCloud Free Unlimited Cloud Storage, host your files secure... JavaScript is disabled on your browser. How to Cite Duller, The overview also introduces the other papers in this special issue of Quaternary Science Reviews...

An Introduction to Optical Dating: The Dating of Quaternary Sediments by the Use of Photon-stimulated Luminescence. M. J. Aitken.

Uranium-trend systematics for dating Quaternary sediments. Open-File Report 85-298. By
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