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The topic of love and relationships can be a delicate subject for anyone. But for someone with a disability, it can be particularly fraught and is often laden with many deep and dark "what ifs.". Meeting the right someone is challenging in a day and age where people are so heavily consumed by their...

"What if someone I date asks questions about my Spina Bifida?" This was a REALLY big question for my daughter. She wanted to know, what if they start asking questions, how do I answer them.

Children with Spina Bifida: A Parents' Guide (Special Needs Collection). Marlene was invaluable to me from the time my daughter was born.this is a wonderful resource!

We are asking that MTV formally apologize to the Spina Bifida community and that they dedicate air time to educating their viewers about Spina Bifida, in order to mitigate damage done by this program.

Another key spina bifida fact is that it can cause brain damage: Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from the opening in the spine can cause the lower portion of the brain to be drawn down into the spinal column (hindbrain herniation).

There is no known direct cause of Spina Bifida. Experts believe that genetics and a person's environment might interact to cause Spina Bifida. It's possible that genetics make someone susceptible to having Spina Bifida...

Illinois Spina Bifida Association — 2211 N Oak Park Ave, Чикаго 60707 — оценка 4.8 на основании 68 отзывов «I Love it !!Thank You so much!!!!!My Son has... Kids with spina bifida, ages 0-10, their parents & siblings, join us: Play Date at Kohl Children's Museum - Sunday, 2/11, RSVP required.

156 подписчиков, 37 подписок, 19 публикаций — посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Центр Spina Bifida в России (@spina_bifida...

The term "spina bifida" takes its origins from Latin, "spina" meaning "thorn" or "spine", and "bifida" meaning "split". The first recorded case was in 1085 AD in Arabia. The name was given to the condition by Nicolaas Tulgius, a Dutchman, in 1637.

If you're a parent or a caregiver of someone with #SpinaBifida, you should check out this blog post on Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNT). Did you know that more than three out of every five children with Spina Bifida are allergic to latex?

Treating someone with Spina Bifida for a urinary infection with antibiotics and extra fluids works more slowly if the bladder is not emptying. Make an appointment with specialist advisors who can provide up-to-date information about Spina Bifida and Hy-drocephalus.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. How does someone tell a future, potential partner about the "inconveniences" that come with spina bifida?

Что такое спина Бифида. Заболевание это довольно редкое - встречается в одном случае из 1-1,5 тысячи новорожденных. Именно это состояние было названо спиной Бифида, фото его можно встретить во всех медицинских справочниках.

Но про ребенка уже известно, что он — девочка, ее зовут Аня и у нее — spina bifida, грыжа спинного мозга. Если ничего не делать, то Аня родится тяжелым инвалидом - парализованная, с огромной головой и неработающими почками.
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