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Dougray scott claire forlani dating

He’s just returned from South Africa and the day after we meet he’s due to fly to LA to start on new movie The Vatican Tapes playing a man whose daughter’s possessed by the Devil.

‘I didn’t think I could do it because he’s such a hero of mine,’ he admits.

‘I don’t look anything like him but once I studied his physicality and read books about him I felt more comfortable.’Drama was Dougray’s way out of Fife.

My father was a salesman and although the play was written in New York by a Jewish writer, it meant so much to me and my life in Scotland that I was smitten by the idea that drama can resonate and even change people’s lives.

After I read that play I knew what I wanted to do, even though I got laughed at because it was an odd thing for someone from where I came from to say.’So it was an unexpected dream come true when he got to play Arthur Miller in the hit 2011 film My Week With Marilyn.

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‘Come in and take all your clothes off,’ says Dougray Scott with a grin. It’s immediately obvious why Dougray was once a favourite to play James Bond.

I’ve just commented that his fashionable hotel suite in central London looks like it could be his lair. He got as far as talks with the film franchise’s producers after Pierce Brosnan left and before Daniel Craig eventually landed the role. He’s classically handsome and cheekily charming, and a glance at him in his sharp suit shows he’s in good shape too.

In the past few months alone he’s been seen playing a comedy MI5 spook in James Corden’s The Wrong Mans, an aggressive, gay former SAS agent in Sky One’s Strike Back and a doctor turned reluctant hero in his latest movie The Last Passenger which is soon to be released on DVD.

‘Lewis is an ordinary man with his son and then stuff happens and he has to deal with it.’Dougray has 15-year-old twins with his first wife Sarah Trevis and now lives in west London with his second wife, the English actress Claire Forlani.

He doesn’t appear to be in one place for very long though. ‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you,’ he jokes again, I think.

‘It’s all pretty terrifying to be honest with you,’ he admits when I ask which of his many characters has been the most nerve-racking to play. And then it comes out and all the fears start again. ’Well he’s managing pretty well so far – particularly for someone who isn’t that keen on fighting. Because of what I do I get the odd guy trying to start on me.