Start Ending a casual dating relationship

Ending a casual dating relationship

Maybe after weeks, months or even a few dates, your casual relationship has lost its spark.

Your friends just didn’t have the wherewithal to agree.

And you suddenly grow more and more scared about your appearance, your personality, your …

And it wasn’t like I was the only one who had Irish goodbye-d men, they casually dropped the mic on me too. But It wasn’t like I didn’t know things were headed towards an end – after all, we’d agreed it was but a ‘casual’ thing when I knew he wasn’t really my ‘type,’ except for being interesting enough to engage in pleasant conversation post those wonky work hours and good enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about sloppy kisses after all the drunken revelry – but I didn’t think ‘the end’ would happen like this. How can someone adjudge you to be ‘un-dateable’ when they weren’t even ‘dating’ you in the first place? are you holding up some blatant RED flags in Datesville…? But what if he was driven away by how you kissed, how you performed in bed?

It felt like just when I was grazing my fingers on the surface of the band aid, trying to slowly pull off from a side, watching the skin make pointed tents whilst my head was tilted sideways, and my eyes cringing from the pull – he took the rest of the band aid in his own fingers and ripped it right off! And if this gravy train has ever stopped by your side and you have experienced being dumped by your – but you feel the shards of your broken pride pricking your insides and hurting you. And suddenly, you not only fear putting your foot through the door to make an entry into the ‘real relationships’ zone but are scared of frequenting the casual lanes of Datesville too! You start to form irrational fears in your head With that fear, you start to worry about being unattractive or too stubborn or just not ‘dateable.’ Yes, your high school crush had said as much when he broke your heart.

It is also best not to respond if you learn that your former partner is speaking negatively about you -- that fire cannot burn if you deprive it of oxygen.

And that’s not even the worst part – what was worse was that being dumped hurt. You have to fight the urge to ask him WTF was wrong And now you feel the cold, biting wintry winds of rejection lashing against your face and making your teeth chatter.

’ I mean, it has been a while since I have gone roving in the realm of ‘real relationships.’ I have only been skimming on the surface, afraid to take the plunge. And well, when a buffet is laid out, you need to taste the delicious spread, don’t you?

So, when things freaked me out too much, I opted for the Irish goodbye. You start to wonder if you’d ever frequent the ‘casual’ lanes of Datesville either When all you share with another being is a round of niceties, streamlined with intoxicated kisses, laughter, and even, sex – how could that gravy train end? Especially so, when all you have been doing for a good recent while is downing bitter pills! Lo, you can taste the stars again Once the fire of rage has burnt down the bitterness, spread a sizzling yum platter for you, you’d do well to realize you hadn’t liked that dish at all! Maybe the universe is telling you that you didn’t need a LOSER!

There is no rule that you have to end a casual relationship differently from any other.

If you do intend to have a breakup conversation, never do it by email or text, suggests e Harmony in "The Breakup Etiquette Guide." You can be honest about why you want to go your own way, but avoid being cruel about it.

Not in a way that heartbreak does – after all, in an age of elusive hookups and hang-outs, with no titles, no attachment, no ties, ambiguous exclusivity rules, and less ‘breaking’ and more phasing, how could . You shiver in the cold and understand that the rejection, unless it flows two-way, hurts and how!