Start Engineering properties of self consolidating concrete

Engineering properties of self consolidating concrete

High-performance super plasticizer admixture is used, and water consumption is reduced, which helps to prevent the high flow rates that would lead to segregation [14].

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) overcomes the common deficiencies of poor tamping, honeycomb formation and water leakage that occur in concrete by enhancing the concrete flow ability and improving its flow through obstacles. Common pozzolanic materials (slag and fly ash) are easy to obtain, so the cost is relatively low, and their usage is quite common in Taiwan.

ACI 116R states that "any field cast mass concrete that is oversized must overcome the generated temperature or the volume change resulting from the hydration temperature and avoid cracks" [8].

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology This study discusses the engineering properties of the self-compacting mass concrete mixed with plain cement and pozzolan.