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Fubar dating site

Here, you can look around and try to figure out the site or visit the extensive help section.

Conclusion Overall, Fubar is a different kind of online dating site, concentrating on making a community on top of romantic fun.

The site can be used completely free of charge, although to use some of the better features you will need to earn or pay for Fubar ‘bucks’.

It has been around for a while and surpassed a million members back in 2007 already.

Its founder, Mike Hedlund, maintains an active profile on the My Space-style site as ‘babyjesus’.

They also tend to feature a more diverse crowd (who might be relatively new and curious about online dating) since they don’t suffer from the stigma some people still attach to pure dating sites.

Activities on the Site The site is free of charge and offers a number of games (including their own Mafia Wars clone) as well as the ability for members to send each other virtual gifts.

It can take quite a while to figure everything out on Fubar because there are so many aspects to the site and the layout isn’t great.

Having said that, if you spend some time on the site you should figure it out quite quickly.

Not a Dating Site People familiar with more flirt-heavy social networking sites like will have an idea of the dating scene on these sites.

While the overall percentage of people actively looking for a date is a lot lower than on pure dating site, the high number of total members can more than make up for it.

With so many different things to do and so many users always online, you are sure to spend a lot of time on Fubar.