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Graduate student dating professor

“Gee,” he replied, “that’s very surprising and doesn’t fit with a huge literature of evidence.

But back in 2013, the now-26-year-old Broockman, a self-identifying “political science nerd,” was so impressed by La Cour’s study that he wanted to run his own version of it with his own canvassers and his own survey sample.

On the first of the month, La Cour had invited Broockman, who is originally from Austin, Texas, to breakfast during the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting in Chicago.

The pair met in a café called Freshii at the Palmer House Hilton, where the conference was taking place, and La Cour showed Broockman some early results on an The i Pad thing was La Cour’s trademark.

Part of why La Cour’s results were so noteworthy was that they flew in the face of just about every established tenet of political persuasion.