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magazine rounds up the angriest, vainest, freakiest, most altogether scary Arizonans. It’s just mean, and it was a funhouse mirror, intentionally warped to disregard the nice things in Scottsdale. He also gave us the term “slut-shaming.” #9 John Huppenthal He’s a bit less scary after losing his reelection bid in the Republican primary on August 26, but Huppenthal has wielded no small modicum of power as Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, an office that guides funding and curriculum standards.

There’s no mention of the $100,000 he paid rap star Ludacris to play a 45-minute set at his star-studded Christmas party four years ago, or the $2 million settlement he reached with the state of Texas in the midst of an investigation into his text-messaging company, Jawa, for fraud and improper billings.

And there’s certainly no reference to the 100,000-square-foot castle he’s reportedly building in Scottsdale’s exclusive, double-gated Silverleaf community, complete with its own IMAX screen and moat (see Max AZ, page 136). The interesting thing about Jason Hope is that he’s community-minded, not that he’s carving a footprint the size of Chase Field out of Mc Dowell Mountain. #4 Sheriff Richard Mack The former Graham County lawman is a bit of a discretionary choice for this spot. You don’t need to burn a Starbucks to be an anarchist.

So, in this season of vampires, killer clowns and sexy-pirate Halloween costumes, we pay our respects to the Arizonans we’d never want to meet in a dark alley. Note: In the interest of leveling the playing field, we’ve eliminated violent criminals, sex offenders and most politicians from consideration. #10 Nik Richie In a 2008 episode of South Park, a group of goth kids announce their intention to ship a classmate to “the most horrible, most miserable place on Earth” and unanimously decide on Scottsdale.