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Guide to dating the undead

With the onset of winter -- cold weather slows down zombie movement and thus their spread -- zombie outbreaks in the United States were initially contained as soon as they appeared by the Alpha Teams.

While the special forces "Alpha Teams" had been used against select zombie infestations, Yonkers would be the first time an army of regulars had faced them.

Several elements of the United States Armed Forces were deployed along the Saw Mill River Parkway in North Yonkers.

It took place in Yonkers, New York, the largest city in Westchester County, (just north of the Bronx, NY). Infantryman Todd Wainio narrates the events of the battle.

The battle was an absolute catastrophe: if any one event can be singled out as the point when zombies officially became the dominant species on the planet, it was Yonkers. In the audio book release of World War Z, Todd Wainio is portrayed by Mark Hamill.

The spread of the zombies quickly spiraled out of control, and New York City was overrun, as cable news networks showed video nationwide of waves of zombies pushing through the streets as civilians desperately struggled to defend themselves until the city was totally overwhelmed.

The Battle of Yonkers would begin 3 months after the start of the "Great Panic", after the fall of New York City, in an attempt to destroy the zombie horde numbering in the millions which was now spreading from the city.

While the parkway served as a natural choke point (the only intelligent tactic that military leadership employed, as described by a surviving veteran), it made no difference in the final result.

Utilizing antiquated tactics dating back to the Cold War, positions were prepared in such ways as digging tank emplacements, building barriers out of sandbags, and in foxholes.

The first zombie outbreaks of the war began in China, and quickly spread across the globe.

The spread of the zombies slowed during the winter of this first year, during which time the placebo-vaccine "Phalanx" was released to the public, who still thought the new plague was a new form of rabies.

The zombie hordes from the city were lured into the choke point by the handful of refugees still fleeing towards the army's position, and due to the chain swarm effect, gradually the entire New York City infestation, numbering in the millions, was headed towards Yonkers.