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My cock was ready and she said-Its time to get your monster inside me baby. She turned around and began to insert my cock inside her pussy and began to ride me slowly.

She then said-Its time to pleasure your Aunty now baby. She smiled and moved her pussy onto my mouth and began sucking my cock again.

Her husband used to work on a ship and used to come home in every 6 months. I had seen her at her marriage and she did gain weight after that but her husband was still slim and hadn’t changed a bit.

One day my mother asked me to take some books and give it to Suravi Aunty.

She also took me into tight embrace and our tongues began to play with each other. She looked at my cock and said-You are so hung baby. She was moving her tongue all over my cock and also pressing my balls. She was busy in sucking and didn’t pay heed to my words.

After sometime I let her go and she said-I have been so horny for a long time but managed to control myself. I love big cocks but my husband has only an average. I was pressing her head towards my cock and was fucking her mouth at the same time. I also lost control and filled her mouth with my warm cum.

Suck mommy’s boobs well and drink as much as you can.

After sucking her boobs and drinking her milk for sometime, I let go of her and she said-Did you have enough Arun?

I said-I will give her the books while returning from the college. While entering, I noticed that her blouse was lifted a bit and her breast and nipple are visible.