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There is no language more powerful than the language of music.

Voodoo is a type of worship, most commonly found in Africa, that involves calling up the spirits of ancestors through ritual dance ceremonies.

These ceremonies involve various herbal drugs, intended to lift the mind to another level of consciousness.

Rock is equally suitable for inducing the right atmosphere for the ritual dances and religious ceremonies.

Music, of all the art forms, speaks most loudly to the emotional faculties.

Voodoo worship includes Voodoo spells, cast on individuals to control their movements and bodily functions by demons sent out to torture and punish them.

Voodoo is Satanism and demon worship in its truest sense.

Read more about the ear It has also been scientifically revealed that music has a direct effect on the pulse rate, blood pressure, nervous system and glands of the body.

Jimi Hendrix, the guitar hero who wrote the hit song entitled "Voodoo Child," reveals the strength of music as a medium for setting atmosphere and indoctrinating minds: The blues are easy to play but not to feel.

The background to our music is a spiritual-blues thing. We're making our music into electric church music—a new kind of Bible, not like in a hotel, but a Bible you carry in your hearts, one that will give you a physical feeling. We want them to realize that our music is just as spiritual as going to church.

We try to make our music so loose and hard-hitting so that it hits your soul hard enough to make it open. Read more about the mood-altering abilities of music Classical music great Claude Levi Strauss made the connection between spirituality and music.

We react to music on the sensory modal level of functioning.