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Jeremy roloff dating

This doesn’t sit well with Amy, who tells him that she doesn’t understand the need for “all this camera stuff.” Matt informs her the cameras are there for “the bad guys” and there are no cameras are around the house.

"We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful business." PHOTOS: Failed reality TV romances The news follows a months-long separation for the spouses.

Back in March 2014, they revealed they had decided to try living apart while still co-parenting and running the family farm together in Helvetia, Ore.

"Last year, it was long and tough," Matt said by way of explanation on the couple's TLC show.

"Amy and I had a lot of tensions, so right around Thanksgiving, I thought I would move over to the [guest] house for a little bit...

Amy decides to carry on her with culinary dreams by opening a pop-up restaurant.

And Jeremy’s wedding pushes Matt’s imagination into overdrive.

While Matt was forced to slow down after having surgery on his neck, Amy continues to explore what it means to be single, which includes jumping back into the dating pool.