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here are times when we come across some real horror stories in this industry - particularly of late with the spate of truck accident that have hit the headlines.

The current record - held by a group of 20 Americans - stands at just 5,5kms.

The American team pulled a 16 ton truck on a level surface for only one hour.

The biggest indication of the commitment to this cause is the fact that the fianc of one of the competitors was killed in a car accident just a day before the long haul was to begin.

But as emotionally strong as he is physically strong, Andr Gerber started the journey on Sunday November 9th alongside his teammates.

An initial small oversight meant that the truck was not allowed onto the N1 national road and as a result, the team was forced to use an alternate route.

The first real test came on day two when they approached the infamous Krugersdorp hill on the R28.

If all went according to plan, they should be on the home straight into Cape Town.