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Marilyn Friedman is a freelance writer who has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Narratively, and The Frisky.

But he rode his motorcycle three hours in the pouring rain to come to my party. When I picked up, it was Rochelle, calling me on my housemate’s line.

He gave me a limited-edition swing music CD box set and gray pearl earrings. We had amazing sex and talked for hours over cannolis at an Italian restaurant in the North End. By starving herself and exercising two hours a day, she turned herself into a skinny, blond goddess.

We drove through Harvard Square, blasting through piles of red and orange leaves.

She co-founded Writing Pad, a creative writing school in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Online.

We discovered that the whole Clergy in Kenya had an intensive prayer session in the garden because they believe the disgraceful act has dented the image of the much respected tourist garden in the country.

Church leaders from different denominations in Kakamega held prayers at the Muliro Garden on April 4, 2011 to cleanse the grounds.

Kenya has been put on the international map for 'sex on the ‘bench'.

Kenya was hit with a bush sex scandal in March 2011 when several shots of different Kenyan citizens were caught on camera having physical sex in different positions, at a particular location, on a particular bench in the Masinde Muliro Garden, Kakamega located in Kenya.

This went on for a year until he cheated on me with a waitress at Steak and Shake. He’d want to have sex, and I wanted to do it too, now that I’d been defiled. He’d start spending lots of time with his friends at Paddy O’s, the perfect place to complain about your crazy girlfriend over a pint of Guinness. When we were together, Liam acted like I was the most important person in his life. I fooled him into thinking I was the calm, laid-back girl of his dreams. I try to call her from the bathroom, but she doesn’t pick up. I think, Liam excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

But after we’d have sex, I’d feel like a slut and become that needy girl every man is afraid of. And before long, he’d stop calling and break up with me. That’s when he asked me to spend New Year’s with him.

I go to Club Cocodrie in North Beach, where I know they’ll have swing dancing. After our first date, he calls me every day because he actually likes me.