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Local babecam com

The simple fact is that anything you send into the internet carries a risk of interception, and of getting into the wrong hands.

The quality of the camera is the best i've experienced, in day light its as good as the 1080p Motorola MBP853 (despite having a lower resolution) but its in night mode where the camera comes into its own.

Unlike other monitors detail and resolution remains excellent with the user being able to see the smallest detail.

While i would of liked a monitor most tend to be of low resolution and poor quality that they don't show the cameras full potential.

Please make sure that you always use the latest app software and the latestbaby monitor firmware.

Signal response is good and reliable making it possible to see small movements your baby makes; this is one area that using the superior screen on most mobiles over the monitors that I received from Motorola also helped.

The app is easy to use giving you full control over the cameras features and alerts but requires you to create an account with philips to use the camera, if you want multiple devices to use the same camera at the same time this requires separate user accounts for each device.

I would of awarded this camera 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact it can't be used locally and doesn't come supplied with a monitor and the lack of pan and tilt. It's simple to set up too, just plug in a single plug and start the app.