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Later on, Lodi became incorporated in 1906 and has known a significant development ever since becoming a major center of wine production.

1) The Lodi Spring Wine Festival: The Lodi Spring Wine Festival is held in late March and early April at the Lodi Festival Grounds.

Lodi is a city located in the San Joaquin County in California.

The history of Lodi goes back to 1859, when a group of local families established a school here.

Complete with listings for every vineyard, use this map to help guide you through our wine region.

Download a PDF of the Lodi Wine Trail Map & Winery Listing or a PDF of the 2016 Lodi Official Visitor Guide.

Walls and columns are decorated by numerous frescoes dating from the 14th to the 18th century; among the many 14th century ones, particularly renowned are the Madonna with Child, Saints and Antonio Fissiraga from an unknown Lombard master.

In the right aisles are 16th-century frescoes depicting Madonna with St. Bonaventure and a Donor by the local painter Sebastiano Galeotti, a collaborator of Callisto Piazza.

The church was built between 1280 and the early 14th century, on the site a small church of the Minor Friars dedicated to St. The construction was commissioned by the Lodi bishop Bongiovanni Fissiraga.