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On sea as on land, women are far more likely to rise to command in war in units peripheral to the central military organization.

Only Artemisia was able to save her ship and she was the only senior officer to survive.

Xerxes, watching from the shore, exclaimed in astonishment that the men had behaved like women and the women had displayed the courage of men.

Although the outcome of a war and the course of history did not depend on the performance of their ships, they are, perhaps, a bit more inspiring than these two great women admirals, because they had their share of victories.

The opposing fleets appeared to be evenly matched until, for some reason, Cleopatra's nerve broke, and she ordered her galley to flee.

THERE IS A PERSISTENT MYTH that war has always been an all-male affair and that women in combat zones, whatever their activities, were "civilians" and not "warriors." This becomes a confusing distinction in practice, because men and women under fire often do the same things.

It is particularly confusing in the case of naval warfare, because at sea everyone aboard - male or female, gunner, carpenter, or nurse - is quite literally in the same boat.

Women commanders figured in two of the most famous sea battles of ancient times - the Battle of Salamis in 480 B. She was a cautious commander, however, and she advised King Xerxes not to engage the Greek fleet.