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A beautiful, 1,000-foot sand beach awaits swimmers and sunbathers, open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Monica Mares gave Caleb Peterson up for adoption when he was an infant.

When Peterson came back to Clovis, he and Mares became romantically involved, deciding at a park to become a couple.

Maybe you'll come to hear the cry of the sandhill cranes as they return in the spring or the flocks of waterfowl whistling overhead on their fall migration.

Or perhaps you'll make the trip to see that legendary, glorious light: A light that seems designed by a photographer, or an artist, with its rich pastel of purples, reds, yellows and blues.

Salt Creek Wetland Waterfowl Management Area is available through the Public Duck and Goose Hunting online lottery.

Maybe it will be a trophy trout that draws you to Silver Creek; always just so abundant, always feeding, but never interested in your fly.

"Do you want me to come over and condense the file for you?