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Some of you - what you are going to find in this - are going to be looking at drama in new ways afterwards. This is one of the few times we have had a podcast on the show, that is always good because I know you have spoken a lot live as well.

You said that you know you like your time on your own sometimes.

This style could be better for people who are more independent minded. There are many different types of relationships, and I include monogamy in that as well as polyamory as there are people on this earth.

This is a great interview full of great information and advice. [Angel Donovan]: Hi Minx, it is so great to have you on the show. We like to get to know the person like, a lot of people probably have not listened to your podcast. [Angel Donovan]: There must be some in the world somewhere. I don't even think that there are that many podcasts out there with that many episodes. So guys, if you are interested in polyamory, then it is a podcast to definitely check out and go listen to Minx for a while.

The name of her talk was: Kicking Poly Drama in the Ass.

If you have a question(s) about today's episode and looking for an answer, call our U. So it has the potential to create more conflicts and more drama.

It involves more than just two people, and the way that's it is set up.

Today we have Minx, from the Polamory Weekly Podcast (