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Moms erotic chat

It was like I found the sister I always dreamed of. I left several buttons undone and bent over to experiment, looking into the mirror to confirm that in that position, anyone could look right down my blouse and get a great view of my tits hanging down. " I muttered to myself, giving myself one last glance in the mirror. Overall, I wasn't dressed that differently than I might have been usually.

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Well, this story has a different genesis than most of my work. When I could finally get up, I stumbled on to bed on shaky knees and fell asleep wondering what I had gotten myself into.

" We kept tripping across each other in different chat rooms and just enjoyed talking to each other about everything (in between fending off the underage boys and the dirty old men that keep pestering us for cyber-sex). Me: MY TURN TO BLUSH, BUT YES, I GET EXCITED WHEN HE PEEKS AT ME! Donna: I CANNOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW HOT IT MADE ME TO SHOW OFF LIKE THAT! I gave up trying to type with both hands and returned two fingers to my sopping pussy. I slipped back into my blouse -- a dress shirt really, leaving my bra on the floor.

We found that we shared the same tastes in movies and music and that we had shared many of the same experiences growing up, despite me being from Indiana and her from California and Nevada. HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO RUNS OFF AND MASTURBATES! I DON'T THINK MY PUSSY HAS EVER BEEN SO WET AND HOT! The bottoms came down to about mid thigh, exposing plenty of leg.

All these interesting people out there to meet and talk with -- I quickly became hooked on chat and eventually it would change my life forever -- but I'm getting ahead of my story. He missed having a father dearly, but I did the best I could to be a mother and a father to my son and I think he's turned out okay. Who knew that being naughty could be such hard work?

At the time of the events I will relate, John was a senior in high school, just turning eighteen. I trudged up to my room to change before cooking dinner.

It is based on an online chat conversation that an internet friend/reader of mine shared with me. The next morning, I woke up after a night of strange, troubling yet arousing dreams -- sex dreams of vague bodies joined together, my son's face shifting in and out of view as I engaged in carnal act after carnal act with some unknown person.