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We reduce local foreign currency exposures by short-term lending to group companies in their home currency, and centralise exposures at our headquarters where they can be managed at a group level.

No, matchmakers haven't been made obsolete by the online scrum that is modern dating—and no, they're not just for investment bankers and trust funders.

You've got your feminist, hipster matchmakers; your pearls-and-LBD types; and those who specialize in LGBT clients.

Most matchmakers charge from $3,000 to $5,000 for a 6- or 12-month contract generating one or two dates per month, although some clients shell out up to $500,000 for white-glove service, including recruiting sessions that might be likened to global casting calls.

Our MCNP has proved a highly convenient way of using excess liquidity to fund the business without having to exchange foreign currency balances.

Basel III is a regulatory framework that aims to increase resilience in the banking system by strengthening banks’ capital requirements, reducing market liquidity risk, and improving the ability of banks to weather sustained periods of market stress.

Banks are now in the process of implementing the new requirements, with an end date of 2019 for most banks, although some are set to complete their implementation before this date.

The impact of Basel III is not restricted to banks, however, as their clients will also be affected by changes in their banks’ operating model, capital and liquidity requirements.