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The family biographer compared Morgan's gifts of electrical power plants to his sending friends baskets of choice fruit.

Released by Lion Music once again, cover artwork by Felipe Machado, and the special collaboration of Danny Vaughn (Tyketto).

Schumpeter wrote that the entrepreneur is the one who overcomes obstacles to get the job done (1950, p. Johnson was instructed to upgrade the equipment and also to devise a way to provide an electric light that would sit on Morgan's desk in his library.

(Paul Nodskov, a student in my spring 2014 Economics of Technology seminar suggested using the phrase "entrepreneurial consumer.") Alexis de Tocqueville observed that in contrast to Europeans, Americans were "restless in the midst of their prosperity" (2000 [first published 1835], Ch. Perhaps even that early, America had more entrepreneurial consumers? 131) Morgan prized being ahead of everyone else, and the next year was concerned that his plant was already less than state of the art, a suspicion that was confirmed when he persuaded Edison to send Edward Johnson to the house for an evaluation.

, a 2CD special release by Frontiers Records in memory of World Trade Center’s tragedy victims.