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Problems updating Windows 8 apps I have automatic update of Windows apps switched on but on opening the apps store I am told there are 29 updates. After that I was asked to update all my applications , but I am not able to do it .

Windows apps. Q: Problems with updating windows 8. Hello, I have recently purchased a HP Pavillion DM1 Laptop, and tried to update after registering windows, there were a number of updates to be installed.

I ask because I am having the same problem I can't install new apps or update existing ones. 2. I don't plan on reinstalling all 50 non-windows app store applications.

Reader Question: "Hi Wally, I recently updated to windows 8.1 and now nothing in the modern UI will launch. The store app, any of my installed apps, even the "Change PC Settings" won't load. All my apps have a little "x" on the bottom right corner of their tiles!"

Though, Windows Store automatically notifies and fixes apps related problems. To prevent problems and work with favorite Windows 8 App, you should update such apps. In Windows 8, users get Apps update notification at regular interval.
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