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It’s been a busy few months for the Great Fruit Adventure since displaying its motorbikes at the London Produce Show and Conference in June and attracting the attention of a global audience.

She always strives to improve herself and therefore welcomed the opportunity given to her by farm management when they enrolled her at the International Leadership Academy, 1- 5 June 2015, for a leadership course.

At first she was […] CONTINUE READING → The Waitrose Foundation Educational Program uses CAMI computer software to help promote learning among Waitrose Foundation member farm school children.

Parents were concerned about […] CONTINUE READING → The Waitrose Foundation (SA) has been active in communities on South African farms for almost seven years now. Looking back to move forward Seven years after the Waitrose Foundation (SA) opened its doors in 2006; it was time to establish whether we actually achieved our objectives as […] CONTINUE READING → In February 2013, Raymond Engelbrecht approached me wanting to know if Timberlea Farm would be interested in developing a programme with the University of Stellenbosch whereby the final year music students would work with our farm children – developing a love of music and teaching the children to play musical instruments.

Mr Williamson is responsible for the sourcing, buying, ranging and pricing of branded and own label products.

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Mr Cook will be accompanied by his wife, Alice and their daughter, Elsie.