Start Speed dating northwest suburbs

Speed dating northwest suburbs

Here's a fun contraption to build out of Lego bricks - a rubber band powered Lego car!

We are working our way through the seasons with another LEGO Fall tree mosaic! We also made some awesome LEGO Apples with basic LEGO bricks.

These simple building blocks are pretty popular around here. We have thoroughly enjoyed apple science, spooky Halloween science together.

We specialize in single professional dating events within the city of Chicago and the surrounding area and have discovered that sometimes love is often found right around the corner or within just a few miles from your very own doorstep.

I noticed there weren't many Thanksgiving themed science activities out there, and we love doing science activities for the holidays! Knowing how much my kids love Saturday Science Halloween science experiments, we have been adding to the fun around h...

Thanks so much to everyone that linked up to last month's baking soda challenge. We are challenging you to do science with your kids... Look what’s new in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland! Snapology is a children’s activity that offers a new learning concept that combines play with education.

We LOVE slime and when I was at the store picking up milk I saw these cockroaches, nothing like checking out at the grocery store with a gallon of milk and 50 plastic cockroaches. Hand each student a baggie of various Legos and explore mean, median, mode, and range!

pumpkin science, Fall STEM, and Fall dissolving candy is a neat science experiment that is easy to set up with only simple supplies needed!