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The massive amount of sacrifice that is being thrust onto families during this speech and the many more that follow perpetuate the inequality.

Many boys and girls that were the only child or the eldest would in fact at time become a fatherly figure.

Fathers had struggled with virtually no visit times towards the end of the war. Many wives had sent photos of their children and even announced births on the radio.

This news away from home kept the morale of the soldiers high and continued to create a cohesive solidarity between Germans.

Living situations for every family were different some worse than others.

A women among men, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink was the assigned leader of any women organization in Germany.

The words she preached were heavy with propaganda and convincing with inequality.

She was slender, blond, blue eyed and bore more than 6 children.

Her speech entails another crucial idea about women that is “…we have a task of showing other women, millions of German women, how to be part of the process of moving from selfish ” I” to the “you” of the people’s community”(Bytwerk, 56).

This display of extreme nationalistic changes are the very forms of propaganda.

She was picked to give these messages and her messages then approved.

In 1936 at a Party Rally Gertrud Scholtz-Klink outlines the structure in which the German family will be rebuilt.