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LINQ is a query tool (Q = Query) - so there is no magic LINQ way to update just the single row, except through the (object-oriented) data-context (in the case of LINQ-to-SQL).

И если два объекта отличаются, то создается sql-выражение UPDATE, с помощью которого происходит обновление объекта в базе данных. Удаление в LINQ to SQL. Методы ExecuteCommand и ExecuteQuery.

update Customers set ContactName = 'Howard Snyder' where CustomerID = 'GREAL'")); В предыдущем коде выполняется запрос LINQ to SQL для получения ссылки на объект Customer.

Tutorial on writting various kinds of database update/manipulation queries in LinQ To SQL syntax with details code examples. LinQ To SQL Database Update Operations In C#. Md Ali Ahsan Rana February 2, 2011 16 Comments.

Update using LINQ to SQL using (SampleDataContext dbContext = new SampleDataContext()) { Employee employee = dbContext.Employees.SingleOrDefault(x =] x.ID == 8); employee.Salary = 65000; dbContext.SubmitChanges()

For most ASP.NET developers, LINQ to SQL alsoknownasDLINQ is an electrifying part of Langauage Integrated Query as this allows quering data in SQL server database by using usual LINQ expressions. It also allows to update, delete and insert data...

By default, LINQ to SQL translates your actions to SQL and submits the changes to the database. LINQ to SQL offers maximum flexibility in manipulating and persisting changes that you made to your objects. As soon as entity objects are available...

LINQ to SQL is a built-in O/RM (object relational mapper) that ships in the .NET Framework 3.5 release, and which enables you to easily model relational databases using .NET classes. You can use LINQ expressions to query the database with them, as well as update/insert/delete data.

LINQ to SQL (formerly DLinq) : Queries performed against the relation database; only Microsoft SQL Server is supported. Here we will perform Select, Insert, Update and Delete operations on a COURSE table. Step 1: Create a COURSE Table in the database.

The question is all about LINQ TO SQL to update data. Can I update my employee record as given in the function below or do I have to make a query of the employee collection first and then update the data?

.net linq-to-sql .net-3.5. How can you go about updating a record without having to select the data first in LINQ? As you must first perform a linq select (obviously calls a SQL SELECT which is costly), change required properties, then perform SubmitChanges().

Thus I've placed a number of textboxes on the page into which users can type dates. When the user clicks the save button I want to trigger a LINQ update to the SQL Server...all the rows already exist, so I'm just updating existing data.

The Linq-to-SQL version is going to SELECT every row from the details table that matches the query, pull them into memory, and create objects for them. Then when it applies the updates, it will use a separate UPDATE statement for each object, and will (by default)...

Похоже, что Linq2SQL имеет проблемы с отображением некоторых внешних ключей на некоторые первичные ключи. У одного парня была резолюция, но я думаю, что вы уже сопоставляете столбец IDENTITY.

О. LINQ to SQL обеспечивает два способа возврата значений, сформированных в базе данных, с помощью хранимых процедур. Предупреждение явного задания значений, созданных базой данных, в Insert или Update.
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