Start Warcraft stuck on updating setup files

Warcraft stuck on updating setup files

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We have an article online that can teach you more about how the Linux kernel works - check it out!

Linux was created in 1991 as the personal project of a Finnish student called Linus Torvalds, and since then it has grown quickly as other people (and, later, companies) joined in its development.

The term Free Software was coined to mean software that came with freedoms that you otherwise would not have had.

The big upside to all this is that if you ever decide you don't like the direction one distro is taking, you can jump ship and try a different one - you'll find all the same software there ready for you.

Linux was originally written to work only on Intel CPUs, but since then has been made to work on dozens of different computer architectures - many phones run Linux, for example.

Nearly all the Linux distributions in the world are free, meaning that they cost $0 to install and use on your computer.

For people with a little more time on their hands, we've put together a big collection of links to further articles that explain more about all sorts of Linux topics - click here to jump straight to the recommended reading section.