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In addition to creating a signature, you can add initials, add text or checkmarks to the document. These signature stamps are the equivalent of: When the e Sign act was passed in 2001, electronic signatures were given the same legal standing as traditional "wet signatures".

However, the legislation made no mention of the type of technology which was required, so it is up to industry to decide what level of assurance is needed.

Although the process isn’t’ difficult, Reader XI and Acrobat XI have made the process much simpler using the new Sign panel: Interestingly, the Sign panel can also be used to stamp a signature or add text onto just about any PDF, too.

See Create a Transparent Signature Stamp and Flatten the stamp with a free Action.

I used the Stylus on my Lenovo Win8 tablet (below) to capture a signature: It can be very challenging to use a mouse to create a signature, so you may not get great results. It creates the best, crispest and most realistic looking signature stamp.

If you have a scanner, you can write your signature on a piece of paper and scan it in to create a signature.

For best results, write your signature on a white index card and ensure that the card is well lit.