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Several Internet companies such as Tencent, Net Ease, and Jianshu, have made statements on their respective affected products..

The price for an ad ranges from around $774,000 (up to six images, a six-second video, one “Details” button and up to six HTML5 pages) to around $7,738 (one image, one “Details” button and one HTML page), according to a Chinese publication. From an advertising standpoint, Subscriptions (订阅号) is a powerful content marketing platform for publishers and brands.

Subscriptions sits on a We Chat user’s friend list.

There, you can post text-based updates, upload up to nine images as well as share videos and articles, just like your Facebook Timeline or Twitter News Feed.

Advertisement But it differs from those social networks in that Moments offers a higher level of intimacy and privacy: Your contact list is not visible to others; your updates can only be seen by friends who are verified by you; and you can only see the interactions of people on your contact list. Like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, brands can place sponsored content in Moments’ timeline.

Clicking on it, the user can consume content from different companies and download branded apps.

Here’s what western publishers and brands are doing on Subscriptions: Linked In China: In Tesla’s case, the company placed three tabs (translations: “Change the World,” “Trial and Purchase,” and “Your Experience”) to help users have a 360-degree view of its products. Look who’s here: Tencent has put considerable effort into We Chat Wallet (微信钱包), which was rolled out to Hong Kong this past January and expanded to South Africa in November of 2015.

For example, if you post a photo and your friend comments on it with an obscene joke, you don’t need to worry that your other friends will see his comment — unless they are also friends with the profane jester. Tencent didn’t open Moments to advertisers until January of 2015 when it unveiled Sponsored Moments.