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Who is gok wan dating

And who better to host the show than Gok Wan, who's made a business out of our insecurities?

The show will see contestants choose potential romantic partners by revealing their secrets and personality traits, which are hidden in suitcases.

Wan's appointment is said to be Channel 4's next step of making him a more general presenter, rather than just fronting fashion programmes., a search for the hottest people in UK towns across the country.

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She has since given me a hat every time that I have seen her and today asked if my mum would like one. If you've not got any plans for the start of the festive season come down and have a dance and party!

I said yes, but I insist on paying for it to which she quickly said "No!

Coming out: Gok wan tells his story "I was dating a guy, and I basically used him because I knew I'd have to take someone home eventually and thought I'd try it out with him," he said.