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The high school was featured in the A&E series Teach: Tony Danza, where actor Tony Danza taught a tenth grade English class during the 2009-2010 school year.

Northeast High School is a high school located at 1601 Cottman Avenue (at Algon Avenue) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Northeast is one of the oldest high schools in Philadelphia, founded in 1890 as the Northeast Manual Training School.

Students are required to wear a white oxford button-down shirt with khaki pants, a belt, and the school’s tie (purchased at the school's store). Black or maroon sweaters with the embroidered Northeast High School Logo are the only type of outerwear allowed to be worn inside the building during winter months, purchasable at any Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Center.

When students become seniors at the school, they are given uniquely designed senior ties & scarves to be worn along with their uniforms.

Northeast high school has 3,600 students, making it the most populated high school in the city of Philadelphia.

When including the teachers and staff, the school contains more than 3,700 people.

Wearing either a senior tie or senior scarf distinguishes the senior class from the rest of the general student population.