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Wild women dating indianapolis

In liberal crowds, even non-poly people will get offended if you talk about it like it's a phase.

In winter, Bostonians will take an Uber to get to the T because paying $9 to avoid five minutes of frigid air is totally worth it.

In the years before car sharing, we probably would have slept over just to delay the inevitable and horrible trek back to our apartment.

Outside of Silicon Valley, Boston is one of the biggest tech cities in the country, so everybody has 9,000 different apps to manage their social lives.

If you don’t actually watch your date entering info into their smart phone, don’t expect them to remember it.

Likewise, you’ll know your date really digs you when they offer to help shovel out your car and find a cardboard box to put in its place.

Polyamory is a much more accepted lifestyle here than elsewhere in the country.

Only a small pool of men bothers with belts and button-downs around here.