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I knew back then that if I could get to the place where women not only enjoyed talking to me, but were CAPTIVATED and DRAWN IN by me, I'd REALLY be in a good position...

I know quite a few self proclaimed "instructors" that are excellent with women THEMSELVES, but just DON'T have the ability to transfer that skill set to their students.

And what I noticed as I learned -- as I applied the same how-stuff-works mentality to conversation that'd allowed me to perfect a wide array of various other trades, crafts and skills I'd honed over the years -- was that there was a certain set of rules to how conversation worked that, if you knew them, would allow you to do pretty much anything you wanted.

Today, I'm so successful in my ability to engage and attract women with conversation that just about every woman I talk to falls instantly under my spell.

Every now and then somebody succeeds, and then he gets mountains of success with women.

Most of the time guys fail somewhere around, "How do you do?

And THEN what if I told you I'd put all of that into a JAM PACKED, fast-moving, INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE 63 minute program to get you ARMED TO THE TEETH with conversational tactics that are going to BLOW the competition OUT OF THE WATER and get women having the most amazing conversations of their LIVES with you... The first time I showed a friend of mine how to use "deep diving," the name I've given to the technique of getting women to open up really fast about themselves, I had no idea how well it would work or not. but here was someone totally different with a very different style of meeting women and who had very different tastes in them than I did.

But, over the course of a few days as I stayed with my friend, he listened to me talking with his friends, family, and, of course, GIRLS... " He instantly got a boost in his success rate with women...

And, I want to reassure you that I'm NOT one of those ego-driven guys -- and that I'm not selling you snake oil or some feel-good stuff that doesn't actually tell you how to do anything.